Union leaders criticise Nottinghamshire Fire Authority for ‘squandering” cash

UNION leaders have criticised Nottinghamshire Fire Authority for ‘squandering’ £2.7m on paying off developers when it is considering removing a Mansfield fire engine.

The authority has been forced to make the out of court settlement with Gladman Commercial Properties over the bungled sale of the former Dunkirk Fire Station site in Nottingham.

It comes as Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service has to make savings of 36 per cent over the next three years. Among the cost-cutting measures under consideration are the removal of a retained fire engine and aerial ladder platform based in the town.

An FBU representative at Mansfield Fire Station said the situation would be ‘comical, were it not so serious’.

“The taxpayers of Mansfield, whose fire cover is under threat, deserve to know who has made the decisions that have led to the squandering of such a vast amount of their money,” he added.

The Fire Authority has announced there will be an independent inquiry.

Chairman Coun Darrell Pulk said: “Despite the money spent on trying to sell the site, it was clear that it would be more financially prudent to settle our dispute out of court and focus our efforts on finding a new buyer.”

For more information on the firefighters’ campaign to keep the fire engine in Mansfield visit www.saveyourfireengine.com