Mansfield MP Ben Bradley backs Home Secretary Priti Patel's immigration overhaul

Mansfield MP Ben Bradley says the Government’s new immigration measures will be ‘welcomed’ by people in his constituency.

Thursday, 25th March 2021, 3:14 pm

Home Secretary Priti Patel has unveiled far-reaching plans to overhaul Britain’s asylum system which sets out how the Government intends to control illegal immigration, end free movement and introduce a points-based entry system.

The Government says its objectives are to increase ‘fairness and efficacy’ of the system, better protection and support for those in genuine need of refuge, deter illegal entry into the UK, break the business model of people smugglers and remove people who it says has no right to be in the country.

Mr Bradley says he welcomes the measures, which he believes will be backed by his constituents.

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Mansfield MP Ben Bradley.

“I’m fully backing the Home Secretary’s plans for the biggest overhaul of the UK’s asylum system in decades,” he said.

"Emails about illegal Channel crossings fill my inbox, it’s a really big concern and source of frustration for my constituents in Mansfield.

“I sought assurances today that the New Plan for Immigration will ensure that dangerous and illegal crossings are no longer worth the risk, penalties available to law enforcement will be increased so that people smugglers can be tackled head on.

“I’m pleased that the Home Secretary shares my determination to properly crack down on these traffickers and will be looking to give new powers to Border Force.”

Ministers say refugees in need of protection will continue to be resettled through work with international organisations providing a safe and legal route to the UK for people fleeing persecution.

Ms Patel can also grant humanitarian protection to vulnerable individuals in immediate danger in their home country.