Two patients abscond from St Andrew’s mental health unit at Rainworth

Mansfield St Andrews Healthcare Nottinghamshire
Mansfield St Andrews Healthcare Nottinghamshire

TWO patients had to be tracked down by police after they were reported missing from a secure mental health unit in Rainworth.

Staff from St Andrew’s Healthcare raised the alarm just after 11.30pm on Wednesday 29th August.

As previously reported in Chad, the specialist unit was looking after Shaun Tudor (43) when he attempted to rape a 10-year-old boy in July 2011.

Tudor was on authorised unescorted leave from the facility at the time of the attack.

In relation to the latest incident, a police spokesman said: “Nottinghamshire Police can confirm that two low security patients were reported missing by staff at St Andrew’s Healthcare, in Rainworth, just after 11.30pm on Wednesday 29th August.

“A search of the area was immediately carried out by police officers, assisted by the police helicopter and other specialist teams. The two men were located a short distance away and detained by officers at 1.30am.

“The men were returned to the unit by officers and were placed in higher security accommodation.

“Since this incident, Nottinghamshire Police has held meetings with directors of the unit to review security arrangements at St Andrew’s. The force has also begun an investigation in to the incident to determine how the men were able to leave the unit and to establish precisely what their movements were while outside the unit.”

Mansfield MP Alan Meale said: “It beggars belief. Here we are again with an organisation running a security institution.”

Mr Meale said the unit should not be in the community and believes Mansfield District Council has questions to answer over the process which gave St Andrew’s Healthcare planning permission for its Sherwood Oaks unit.

“It needs to be closed down until such time as guarantees can be given to the safety of the community,” said Alan.

“I will be getting in touch with the justice minister about this.”

Mark Buttery, chairman of Rainworth Parish Council, said he was unaware of the escape until being contacted by Chad today (Tuesday).

He said: “I cannot believe the police have not contacted us. They should have at least contacted someone at Mansfield District Council to let us know.

“After what happened last happened last year with the young lad who got assaulted I am not pleased and I am sure the rest of the parish council will not be pleased.”

Christine Brown, PR and marketing manager at the company, said: “St Andrew’s Healthcare thanks Mansfield Police for their immediate assistance to quickly return two vulnerable patients to safety at our facility on Sherwood Oaks Business Park last week.

“Those involved were cared for in the lower security area, and like other patients at the unit, are detained without special legal restrictions.

“Of course we must thoroughly investigate their absence late at night and we are working closely with the police to review the circumstances.”