Two more Labour councillors resign from the Labour Party

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Two Labour councillors have resigned from Ashfield District council due to a ‘caucus group undermining’ cabinet’s decisions.

At the councils’ full meeting on Wednesday, Labour member Coun Warren Nuttall and Coun Dave Shaw made the decision to quit the party.

Some Labour members were more of an opposition than other parties

Speaking after the meeting Coun Nuttall - who has served as a councillor for 16 years - said: “The last three years have been extremely difficult and almost impossible to fulfil the role fully as a caucus group of members have tried to undermine the cabinet in every opportunity.

“The Labour Party is not a party I recognise or the party I joined many years ago. I am no longer working with people with integrity.”

He added current leader Coun Chris Baron had done an outstanding job despite challenged they faced.

Couns John Wilmott and Trevor Locke, of Hucknall, also recently resigned.

The councillors will now stand independently in the upcoming elections.

“Some Labour members were more of an opposition than other parties,” he added.

Meanwhile speaking at the meeting Coun Dave Shaw warned front-line services in Ashfield are at risk, whichever party wins the General Election.

He said: “Who knows what will happen in this May’s Parliamentary election?

“But we can be sure that the current policy of cuts by Central Government will continue and directly affect the people of Ashfield.

“It will not matter which political party takes up office, the overall consensus will be no change in government policy for this deprived area.”

He added: “Unless there is a fundamental policy review by Central Government, funding cuts will affect front-line services of this authority.

“That will be devastating.

“I predict that there will be extensive job cuts to front-line services within this administration.

“This is reflected in the forecast of a need to reduce the budget by around £700,000 per annum over the next four years.

“Ashfield’s recent council-tax setting budget was very much like a Trojan horse, the enemy being within.

“I am afraid to say it was a budget set for the election and not for the future.”