‘Tunnel of fear’ footpath sorted by councils

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A FOOTPATH which was labelled a ‘tunnel of fear’ by concerned residents has had street lamps repaired and hedges cut back.

We reported in Chad how a street lamp on the footpath linking Johnson Drive, Berry Hill, and the A60 Nottingham Road had not worked for more than a year.

The trees and hedges had also become overgrown making people afraid to use the route in the evenings.

After being contacted by Chad, Nottinghamshire County Council visited the site but was unable to repair the lamp due to the overgrowth which is the responsibility of Mansfield District Council.

Officers from the district council then instructed the hedges, trees and overgrowth to be trimmed back which allowed the county council to repair the faulty lamp.

Hedges all along the route have now been cut back to improve visibility and safety.

Resident Alan Smith, who first raised the concerns is pleased the work has been carried out.

He said: “It just goes to show how much quicker things get done once the media have been contacted.

“In fairness to the two councils they both acted quickly and have now carried out the necessary works.

“It is a lot safer now, particularly with the dark winter evenings on their way.”