Trust WILL withdraw specialist services at Chatsworth Ward

Campaigners marched to save the Chatsworth ward at Mansfield Community Hospital.Campaigners marched to save the Chatsworth ward at Mansfield Community Hospital.
Campaigners marched to save the Chatsworth ward at Mansfield Community Hospital.
The trust in charge of Mansfield Community Hospital has confirmed its intention to withdraw specialist neurorehabilitation services at Chatsworth Ward.

But the initial November date has been delayed until new services have been put in place.

Talks are ongoing to provide a local non specialist neurorehabilitation service in the area.

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A statement was sent to the Chad clarifying Sherwood Forest Hospitals Foundation Trust’s position.

A trust spokesman said: “Sherwood Forest Hospitals Foundation Trust has confirmed an intention to withdraw from providing specialist neurorehabilitation services at Chatsworth Ward at Mansfield Community Hospital.

“The timescales for this will be agreed with Mansfield and Ashfield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to ensure alternative arrangements are in place for patients.

“The Trust is also liaising closely with the CCG to ensure a local, non-specialist neurorehabilitation service is available, the location and provider of this service is yet to be determined.

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The statement said discussions are taking place to define what these service needs might be and how they can be met; views of staff, service users and their families will continue to be taken into account.

“Both the Trust and the CCG are committed to making sure there is a continuity of service, so no changes will take place until these conversations are completed and new services are put in place.

“To enable that to happen fully, we have informed staff that the initial November date discussed will be delayed.”

On Saturday more than 100 campaigners marched through Mansfield in their bid to save the Chatsworth Ward at Mansfield Community Hospital from closure, carryin g the banner #We Are All Chatsworth.

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Secretary of UNITE Nottinghamshire NHS branch Jon Dale, said: “#We Are All Chatsworth is confident it is having a big impact on Sherwood Forest Hospitals Trust board and the Clinical Commissioning Group.

“After a meeting last week, the Trust has recognised the need for a continuing neuro-rehabilitation service in this area.

“It is still under discussion as to whether that service will be provided by Sherwood Forest Hospitals Trust or another provider.”

He said the campaign has been told there will be no changes until these discussions and plans have been made clear and discussed with them.

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on Dale added: “This is another significant step forward for the campaign to save Chatsworth ward and the vital service it provides,”

The demonstration showed great support for the brave and determined stand Chatsworth staff have made.

“This support is growing all the time as the message gets across that if Chatsworth closed today, there will be somewhere else in the firing line tomorrow. We’ve had enough of cuts and privatisation and are fighting to save our NHS.”