Trust named in wages shame

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Sherwood Forest Hospitals Foundation trust has been named and shamed for paying out huge wages to two interim chief executives.

Eric Morton was appointed as interim CEO on 15th October last year, and was paid £190,000 over five months, the equivalent of a wage of £540,000 a year, despite him already enjoying a £2 million pension.

But just months before, the trust shelled out £135,000 to interim chief executive Dr Mark Goldman, who reportedly retired from another NHS hospital with a £2.3 million pension.

His short stint was the equivalent to being paid £369,000 a year.

The pair were the second and third highest paid on the list drawn up by a national newspaper.

Sherwood Forest Hospitals Foundation trust was just one of 11 across the country to have been put in ‘special measures’ after an investigation into its high death rates. It was also the only trust to have to have two high earners on the list.

The shock figures come as the Government is being pressured into cutting down on excess spending within the 

However, Karen Fisher, executive director of human resources at Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, defended the trusts decision to appoint both chief executives.

She said: “At the time of both appointments the Trust was facing significant challenges that needed particular skills and leadership to begin the turnaround of the organisation.

“A substantive chief 
executive has now been appointed.”