Troubled Bolsover woman is released back into community

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A troubled Bolsover woman held in custody issued a sinister warning after being released back into the community.

Jeanette Willbourn - considered a suicide risk by a mental health team - admitted damaging her rented home when she appeared before Chesterfield magistrates on 17th October.

The bench handed her a conditional discharge and were duly warned: “You have just made the biggest mistake of your life.”

Willbourn’s solicitor, Jon Barber, had earlier told the court that she was “struggling” while her partner was in custody and she wanted help.

He added: “She doesn’t believe anyone is helping her and she feels she can’t cope and will end her life.”

Willbourn (35) had previously appeared before the court for damaging hospital property.

She was remanded in custody because of her “unmanageable” behaviour and, on Monday, she was ordered to pay £100 compensation and released.

But, on Tuesday, she damaged a door at her home in Harvey Court, Bolsover, with a slab of concrete and was taken back into police custody.

Willbourn was hauled back before the justices on Wednesday and received a one-year conditional discharge for the damage.

“She accepted smashing property in the address that she rents. She called ambulance services because she had cut her hand,” said Mike Treharne, prosecuting.

“She said she felt suicidal and intended harming herself. She has some difficulties coping and a note states that she tried to take her own life by running a car into a tree on one occasion.”

The court heard that Willbourn had been assessed by a mental health team and considered to be a suicide risk.

But they found no acute mental health illness and believed her behaviour was a reaction to her inability to cope with her partner being in prison.

Presiding magistrate Paul Beard told Willbourn: “You don’t have a treatable mental health condition.

“You have been offered help by the mental health team within the community and the onus is on the support team to manage the risk and make sure you are not a danger to yourself and others.”

Willbourn replied: “I tell you now - you have just made the biggest mistake of your life.”