Trip for a MCDonalds breakfast ends in a driving ban for Forest Town woman

NEWS from Nottingham Crown Court.
NEWS from Nottingham Crown Court.

A trip for a MCDonalds breakfast after a boozy night out landed a Forest Town woman with a driving ban and a big fine.

Stacey Marie Rowton did not realise she was still over the limit and uninsured when she drove her friends VW into the back of a fire engine during a morning trip for a takeaway.

Rowton of Poplar Grove appeared at Mansfield Magistrates Court on Wednesday, where she pleaded guilty to driving above the legal alcohol limit and without insurance.

The court heard Rowton, 23 turned a corner to avoid a road closure and drove into a parked fire engine on Brick Kiln Lane, Mansfield at 8am on Feruary 27.

She was given a roadside breath test which showed 61mcg in 100ml of breath, where the legal limit is 35mcg.

Magistrates heard Rowton had been out drinking with a friend the previous evening and they had returned to her friend’s home at 1.30am.

The morning after she had borrowed her friend’s car to drive to MCDonalds to buy food for them both.

Rowton who had a full driving license and her own fully comprehensive insurance mistakenly believed she was covered to drive the car.

Apart from feeling tired she did not think she was still over the drink drive limit.

Rowton was fined £230 for having no insurance and £275 for the offence, with £85 costs and £27 victim surcharge.

She was banned from driving for 17 months.