Trio jailed after treating Mansfield clubber like a ‘punchbag’

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A TRIO of men have been jailed after a night-clubber was treated like a punchbag and kicked in the head as he lay unconscious on a Mansfield street.

The late-night violence was captured on CCTV, with one of the attackers seen to go through the victim’s pockets before police arrived.

The heaviest sentence of five years was handed down to Daniel Krause (21), of Harewood Avenue, Highbury Vale, Bulwell.

His brother Ricky Krause (25), of Larkfield Avenue, Kirkby, was sentenced to nine months, while Michael Hadley (26), of Common Walk, Top Valley, Nottingham, was given two years.

Judge John Milmo told them at Nottingham Crown Court on Thursday: “This is yet another case where young men go out, get themselves drunk, do what they do and are then horrified when they see themselves on CCTV.”

The attack followed a confrontation outside Illusions night-club in the early hours of 28th April.

Victim Paul Waring was lucky to suffer only a broken nose, black eyes and soreness, the court was told.

The judge told Daniel Krause: “Death is not an uncommon result when kicking to the head takes place.”

Krause admitted attempting to cause grievous bodily harm with intent. His brother and Hadley admitted assault causing actual bodily harm.

All had been to the club and by 3am were worse for drink or drugs or both, said prosecutor Mark A’Church.

The victim was drunk and had no recollection of what happened.

Doorstaff took the victim, who had no recollection of what happened, out of the club and Ricky Krause became involved in a face to face stand-off with him.

Mr Waring was the first to lash out with his head, cutting Krause above his eye, the court was told.

Krause responded by punching him to the head before the doorstaff let Mr Waring go.

Film footage showed him walking down the street before Daniel Krause ran up behind him and knocked him to the ground, punching and kicking at him.

A by-stander tried to act as peacemaker and a woman shouted at them to stop.

Hadley lifted the victim up, like a punchbag said the judge, while the Krause brothers each threw a punch at him.

The victim was then thrown to the ground ‘like a sack of potatoes’, said Mr A’Church.

Daniel Krause stamped on his face or kicked him again, it was not entirely clear, said the judge.

Daniel Krause had served two years in the past for aggravated burglary.

His barrister Martin Elwick said it took a great deal of courage to admit attempting to cause grievous bodily harm with intent.

“Thankfully the complainant did not suffer serious harm,” he added.