Tributes to kickboxer and children’s social care team leader Donna, who has died aged 48.

Donna Rawson.
Donna Rawson.

A service at St Lawrence’s Church preceded burial at Mansfield Cemetery of Mrs Donna Vicki Rawson, née Cook, aged 48, of Huthwaite Road, Sutton.

Born at King’s Mill Hospital, Sutton, on May 2, 1969 and a lifelong resident of Mansfield, Blidworth and Sutton. Donna was educated at Moor Lane, Cumberlands, Ravensdale and Sherwood Hall Schools and West Nottinghamshire College.

She worked as a factory worker for seven years, then at a residential on-site care setting for adults with physical disabilities, and youth worker for many years.

A qualified nursery nurse, she worked for Nottinghamshire County Council as a team leader then interim deputy manager in The Specialist Family Support Service, children’s social care services, for 14 years.

Her hobbies included art, kickboxing, charity work, motorbike rallies, travel and music.

Donna, who passed away at home on November 22, 2017, leaves her son Ben Hall.

Mourners were Mr B. Hall, Mr D. Cook, Mrs N. Cook, Mr J. Florence, Mr J.P. Cook, Miss S.A. Cook, Mr T. Vaughan, Ms A. Smith, Ms E. Atanasova, Mrs H. Hawkins, Miss B. Cook, Mr J. Atkinson,

Mr C. Cook, Mrs G. Cook, Mrs W. Foxall, Mrs S. Cronshaw, Mr S. Mills, Mr E. Stubley, Mrs S.A. Bradford; Mr C. Minchin (rep S. Tasker), Mrs D. Tinkim, Mrs N. Coupe, Mrs J. Chapman, Mrs S. Alkien, Mrs S. Hancock, Mr A. Ryans, Mrs P. Vudynska, Mr T. Vaughan, Mrs L. Vaughan-Smith, Mrs S. Vaughan, Mrs S. Smith, Mrs C. Martin, Mr J. Martin, Mrs M. Symmonds; Ms M. Szulist (rep Ms J. Fowlds), Mr K. Brocklehurst, Mrs S. Whitt, Mrs F. Wild, Mrs M. Gill, Mrs J. Cronshaw; Ms T. Rigby (rep Mr and Mrs A. Rigby), Mr G. Vaughan; Mrs J. Vaughan (rep Mrs M. Chambers), Mr P. Curran, Mr D. Camm, Mr G. Nash, Mrs M. Yates, Mr B. Crew, Mr A. Jones, Mrs Ayre, Miss Ayre, Mrs Dale, Miss Dale, Mr Johnson, Mr S. Ayre, Mr S. Caunt, Mrs Coupe, Miss J. Cronshaw, Mrs K. Draycott, Miss D. Lucas, Miss A. Lyle, Mrs S. Saunders, Mrs L. Wilson; Mrs K. Donkin (rep Mr T. Donkin), Mr N. Smith, Mrs T. Smith, Mrs W. Sindall, Mr R. Talbot, Mrs L. Talbot, Mrs C. Makings, Ms A. Pickersgill, Miss G. Surgay, Ms T. Eltringham, Mrs L. Eardley, Ms T. Steeles, Ms E. Parker, Ms J. Godfrey, Ms S. Bird, Mr J. Thompson, Ms J. Gilbert, Mrs J. Seals, Ms L. Binnell, Mr and Mrs K. Shaw, Mr A. Revuelta, Mr T. Barnes, Mr A. Cook, Ms A. Jones, Mr R. Martin, Mr N. Johnson, Mr A. Towlson, Mr M. Jessop, Mr Brass, Mr M. Oakes, Mrs S. Storey, Mrs S. Richardson, Ms L. Burrows, Mrs J. Grant, Mr N. Grocott, Mrs A. Grocott, L. Holden, S. Barson, R. Barnfather, Ms K. Sludds, Mr and Mrs P Fowkes; Ms A. Quigley (rep Mrs G. Bray); Ms T. Clarke (rep Ms Chapman), Mr R. Voce, Mr B. Oldfields.

Floral Tributes were from family and friends, Donations in lieu of flowers raised £218 for Barnardo’s children’s charity.

The service was conducted by Christopher Levy and arrangements were by Ivan Bramley.