Tributes to former teaching assistant

Jane Lucas has died, aged 57.
Jane Lucas has died, aged 57.

Mrs Jane Lucas, of Leen Valley Drive, Shirebrook, passed away at Ashgate Hospice, Chesterfield, on October 25, 2017, aged 57.

Born at King’s Mill Hospital, Sutton, she has been a local resident all her life.

Working as a tax officer for 17 years and a teaching assistant for 17 years. Her hobbies included reading, and she was a member of the National Trust.

Mrs Lucas leaves her husband David Lucas, daughters Laura, Alice and Olivia, one grandchild.

The service took place at Mansfield Crematorium.

Mourners were, Mr D.Lucas,Miss A.Lucas, Miss O.Lucas, Mr and Mrs S.Ekins, Mrs E.Lucas, Mrs J.Burton, Mr and Mrs I.Mitchell, Mr S.Dawson, Mr M.Radbourne, Mrs P.Baugh, Miss T.Adams, Mrs L.Aspden, Mrs P.Baker; C.Bennett, K.Marriott, C.Wheat (rep Park School Federation); S. Bingley, (rep J.Bingley), T. Bradley, M.Bradley, M.Bradley, A.Bradley. H.Cadman, Mrs M.Clowes, Mrs B.Cockett, D.Collier, K.Collin; Mrs J.Davidson (rep Mrs K.Clarke),Mrs T.Doddsworth, Miss L.Edmunds, Miss S.Edmunds, Mr E.Edmunds, Mrs D.Edmunds and Mr S.Matthews: S.Ekins, B.Ekins, A.Ekins (rep R.Ekins), A.Everett, T.Everett, S.Everett; M.Faulkner (rep D.Cranham), Mr and Mrs S.Godson and Family, D. and B.Griffiths, Mr and Mrs D.Hague, J.Hargreaves (rep D.Parmley), R. and L.Holland, Mr and Mrs M.Houldsworth, S.Humphries, J. Keeton, Jackie, D,Kimberley, D.Kimberley, M. Kimberley; L.Koe (rep S.Corratt), L.Loades, J.Morphus, J.and E.Lucas (rep G.Lucas); J.Lucas (rep Tina, Jess and Rhianon), Mr E.and Mrs B.Lucas, Mrs B. Lucas: W.Mills, (rep Family), S.Oxley; T.Pickering (rep S.Garton); S.Pickering, (rep Damian), Mr N.Powell-Henley,T.Radford, L.Radford, K.Radford, P.Radford, P, Railton; T Railton (rep D.and A.Railton), Mrs J.Richardson; P.and A.Rodger (rep M.and T.Taylor, M.and H.Rodger), L.Rodgers,Mr T.Rutler, Kay S; S.Spooner (rep Miss G.Allsop; E and K,Stevenson, J,Tingle; S.Toon (rep R and A.Toon); A.Tucker (rep G.Tucker), L.Wallage, J.and C.Wardley, K.Wheatcroft; J.Wilkinson (rep D.Wilkinson), Mr and Mrs D.Wilkinson, C. Cutler.

Floral tributes were from Family.

The service was conducted by Adam Humphries. Arrangements were by AW Lymn.