Tributes to former personal assistant and pony-lover Jill.

Mrs Jill Dowson has died, aged 56.
Mrs Jill Dowson has died, aged 56.

A service at St Peter’s Church preceded the burial of Jill Dowson, aged 56, of Wharfedale Gardens, Mansfield.

She grew up in Sutton before moving to Mansfield. After leaving Sutton Centre school, she worked in administrative roles for Faun and Filigree Textiles. She then joined the Central Nottinghamshire Health Authority and worked for 29 years for it and the Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust.

She was as a personal assistant in hotel services, supporting local hospitals and the John Eastwood Hospice, where she died.

Jill loved horses and even had a visit from her pony Raffles at the hospice on her birthday in September.

It was fitting her last journey was taken by a horse-drawn hearse. She loved all animals including her dog Rocky and African grey parrot Dougie and spent a lot of time riding; looking after ponies and going for walks with her family.

She died on October 21, leaving her husband, John, daughters Kylie and Laura and grandchildren Bobbie and Harry. Her mum June Davis and her sister Julie were among the mourners along with Mr C. Dean, Mrs Y. Dowson, Ms J. Dowson, Mr J. Smithies, Mr S. Sale, Ms E. Stainsby, Mrs J. Le-Wilkinson, Mrs F. Shilling, Mr M. Talton, Mr K. Wright, Ms K. Wynn-Higgins, Mrs M. Welton, Mr R. Looms, Mr D. Wilkinson, Ms N. Whyte, Ms J. Whyte, Mrs K Weaver, Mr K. Smith, Ms K. Halloway, Ms M. Flint; Mrs J. Stone (representing Mr D. Stone), Mr and Mrs I. Baker, Mr J. Foreman, Ms A. Percival, Mr and Mrs G. Allard, Ms S. Andrews, Mr and Mrs S Barrowcliffe; Mrs C. Baker (representing Mr M. Baker and Miss Z. Baker), Mrs C. Bearder, Mrs J. Brown, Mr and Mrs R. Booth, Mr and Mrs G. Carrington, Mrs S. Dickinson, Mr and Mrs N. Falconbridge, Mr and Mrs R. Hatton, Mr A. Hatton, Mr H. Hatton; Mr R. Davis (representing Mrs M. Davis), Mrs S. Hurt, Miss L. Hurt, Mr C. Hurt, Miss A. Binch, Miss L. Cooke, Miss M. Lilliman, Mr B. Taff, Mrs H. Wormald, Mr C. Murphy, Mr C. McNamara; Cllr S. Garner (representing Mr and Mrs W. Perry), Mrs M. Griffiths, Mr and Mrs J. Looms, Miss N. Looms, Mr C. Looms, Ms S. Palmer, Mr and Mrs M. Orton, Mr and Mrs A. Parnell and Miss J. Parnell.

Arrangements were by Ken Gregory & Sons, Mansfield.


Reunited with Raffles