Tributes to former council chairman and school governor

Pam Whitehead has died, aged 71.
Pam Whitehead has died, aged 71.

Clipstone resident Mrs Dorothy Pam Whitehead, known as Pam, aged 71, of South Crescent, was cremated at Mansfield Crematorium, following a service in the chapel. Her ashes were later buried at Clipstone Cemetery.

Born in Mansfield and a lifelong local resident, Pam worked at Portland Training College, about 30 years ago.

Over the years, she was chair of governers at Samuel Barlow School and chairman of the local parish council. She also ran the local youth club.

Pam who passed away at home on 25th October 2017, leaves her husband Barrie, daughter Joy Matthews, son Mark Whitehead, grandchildren Keeley Pincott, Karajo Pincott, Laila Whitehead and Ebony Whitehead.

Mourners were Mr B. Whitehead, Mrs J. Matthews, Mr M. Whitehead, Mr J. Matthews, Mrs L. Whitehead, Mr P. Downs, Mrs L. Downs, Miss Keeley Pincott, Miss Karajo Pincott, Miss B. Tilley, Mr D. Booker, Mr J. Thompson; Mrs P. Henson (rep Rev D. Henson), Mr S.A. Walker, Mrs S. Ardern, Mrs J. Clarke, Mrs E. Watkins, Miss J. Watkins, Mr and Mrs B. Stockham, Mr C. and Mrs L. Allen; Mrs L. Bradford (rep S. Emerson), Mrs B. Brownley, Mr and Mrs G. Adams, Mr and Mrs P. Lowe, Ms M. Dickson, Mrs L. Redmond; Mrs S. Soar (rep A.P. Smith and Smith family), Mrs S. Rhodes, Mrs P. Smith, Mr P. Stancer, Miss P. Stancer; Mrs I. Haywood (rep C. Doyle), Mr I. and Mrs J. Fishwick, Miss A. Fishwick, Mrs S. Keliris, Mrs P. Grieve, Mrs A. Broadley, Mrs N. Brownley; Mrs L. Birks (rep Mr and Mrs Doyle); Mrs M.A. Poyser (rep Mrs P. Wingate); Mr C. Matthews (rep Mrs T. Matthews); Miss K. Hill (rep Mr K. Hill); Mrs A. Hill (rep Clipstone Youth Club), Miss M. Hill (Miss N. Hill), Mr P. Barker, Miss G. Barker, Mrs K. Bishop, Mr S. Bishop, Miss H. Newbold, Miss A. Stoutt, Mr A. Stoutt, Mrs B. Sumner, Miss L. Hollingsworth, Mrs D. Pittaway, Mrs M. Pemblington, Mr Singh, Mrs Singh, Mrs B. Hopkinson; Mr L. Dixon (rep M. and M. Dixon); Mrs J. Kerry (rep M. Kerry), Mr D. and Mrs S. Bennett, Mrs H. Aldred, Mrs H. Gammond; Mr D. Whitehead (rep Mrs J. Whitehead), Mrs S. Mason, Mr A. Whitehead,; Mr G. and Mrs K. Spencer (rep Spencer family), Mr C. and Mrs S. Bancroft, Mrs K. Higgs, Miss D. Smith, Mr M. Holmes, Miss H. Watkins, Mr J. and Mrs M. Marriott, Mrs J. Huskisson, Mrs D. Marshall, Mrs R. Bartram, Mr M. Bartram; Mrs S. Calladine (rep M. Calladine); Mr K. Stokes (rep Denis, Dawn and John); Mrs L. Kerr (rep J. Moore), Mrs S. Samuel; Mrs C. Cliff (rep Mr and Mrs Jefferies); Mrs J. Hanson (rep N. Hanson, C. Goodiff and M. Hanson), Mr L. and Mrs J. Baker, Mr R. and Mrs L. Pincott, Ms J. Barker, Mr D. Preston, Mrs M. Butler, Mrs Dawson, Mrs C. Emery, Miss C. Dukes, Miss B. Stevenson, Mr and Mrs E. Smith, Mr and Mrs C. Freeman and family, Mr W. Langthorne; Mrs J. Langthorne (rep Miss J. Langthorne), Miss S. Heath, Mr P. Heath, Miss K. Pearson, Mr C. Brown; Mrs M. Pearson (rep A. and C. Pearson), Miss R. Burrows, Mr F. Roome.

Floral tributes were from family and grandchildren. Donations received in lieu of flowers raised £490 for the British Legion and Make a Wish.

Arrangements were by WS Ingham & Son.