Tributes to 80-year-old Eileen

Eileen Henstock moved to Mansfield aged 11.
Eileen Henstock moved to Mansfield aged 11.

Mrs Eileen Henstock, aged 80, was cremated at Mansfield Crematorium on November 6, 2017, following a service in the chapel.

Born in Selston, she moved to Mansfield at the age of 11.

Eileen had a catering business at Notts EBA until retirement and went on to enjoy holidays in Benidorm and Blackpool with family and friends.

Her interests included crosswords and crocheting.

Eileen passed away at home, leaving sons Glenn and Christopher, brother Frank, three stepchildren, 10 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

Mourners were Mr and Mrs G. Faulkner; Mr and Mrs F. Green (rep Mr and Mrs E. Boot), Mr A. Faulkner, Mr and Mrs J. Davey, Mr and Mrs R. Green, Mr S. Green, Mr M. Green, Mr and Mrs C. Wilson, Mr and Mrs T. Cundy, Mr M. Taylor and Jane, Mrs J. Parkin, Mr and Mrs B. Wilson, Mr and Mrs C. Wilson, Mr and Mrs K. Musgrove, Miss K. Thomas, Mr T. Freeman, Miss N. Henstock, Mrs J. Faulkner, Miss K. Wilson, Mrs R. Bennett, Mr and Mrs E. Creswell, Mrs S. Waring, Mr J. Freeman, Mrs L. Smith, Mr J. Nelson, Mr T. Henstock, Mr and Mrs J. Podam, W. and T. Reville, Mr and Mrs T. Rawson, Mr and Mrs J. Henstock, Mrs J. Knowles, Mr and Mrs R. Henstock, Mrs L. Quinn, Mr and Mrs T. Smith, Mrs M. Roberts, Mr and Mrs P. Smith, Mrs R. White, Mr and Mrs D. Smith, Mrs Z. Gibson, Mr and Mrs S. Collins, Mrs Y. (Henstock) Walton, Miss L. Henstock, Betty and Amy, Mr and Mrs S. Peat, The Beardall family, Mr R. Cave, Mr S. Cave, Mr R. Gibbons, Mr and Mrs B. Lewer, Mr and Mrs M. Burrows, Mr S. Burrows, Mr L. Burton; Mrs L. Gannon (rep Mrs G. Saxton), Mrs M. Orton, Mrs I. Mozely, Mr T. Burrows, Mrs P. Robey; Mrs S. Pitchford (rep Mrs M. Keeling), Mrs P. Poxon, Mrs M. Harbor, Mrs M. Hourd, Mrs D. Gregory, Mrs P. Mitchell.

Arrangements were by Ken Gregory & Sons, Mansfield.