Tributes to long-serving shop worker

Mrs Winifred Sylvia Humphries, aged 73, of Scotswood Road, Mansfield Woodhouse, was cremated at Mansfield Crematorium, following a service in the chapel.

Winifred Humphries.
Winifred Humphries.

Born in Mansfield and a lifelong local resident, Winifred was a shop assistant at the Co-op for 25 years, retiring in 2009.

Her interests included her caravan on the East Coast, jigsaw puzzles and socialising.

Winifred who passed away at home on October 28, 2017, leaves her husband Richard, daughter Andrea, sons Mark and John, four grandchildren and several great-grandchildren.

Mourners were Mr R. Humphries, Mr and Mrs M. Humphries, Mr J. Humphries, Miss S. Hundley, Mrs A. Allsop, Mr C. Paget; Mr B. Humphries (rep Mrs D. Humphries); Mrs L. Humphries (rep Miss E. Humphries), Miss S. Humphries; Mr D. Humphries (rep Mr S. and A. Humphries); Mr and Mrs M. LeGrice (rep Allison and family), Mr J. Humphries, Mrs J. Pask, Mr and Mrs T. Miller, Mr and Mrs D.L. Humphries, Mr A. Humphries, Mr E. Humphries, Mr and Mrs P. Humphries, Mr and Mrs W. Shuttleworth, Mr and Mrs J. Shuttleworth, Miss A. Shuttleworth, Mrs H. Ford, Mr and Mrs R. Shuttleworth; Mrs B. Smith (rep Mr S. Smith); Mr P. Savage (rep Mr J. Sale), Mrs J. Shuttleworth, Mr A. Smith, Mr and Mrs C. Winterton, Mr and Mrs E. Mace, Mr and Mrs M. Pate, Mr and Mrs K. Mosedale, Mr and Mrs M. Robinson, Mrs J. Simpson, Mr M. Simpson, Mr and Mrs T. Thomas, Mr and Mrs R. Thomas, Mrs E. Clarkson, Miss T. Paget, Mr A. Paget, Mrs D. Hinchley, Mrs J. Lyons, Mr S. Hufton, Mr K. Owen; Mrs M. Barker (rep Co-op staff), Mr and Mrs B. Bannerman, Mr and Mrs M. Haslam, Mr and Mrs B. Richardson, Mr and Mrs W. Forest, Mr and Mrs A. Iveson; Mrs J. Lowe (rep Lowe and Wright family), Mrs C. Bestwick; Mr S. Groves (rep Mr D. Groves), Mr P. Moy, Mr and Mrs K. Straw, Mrs E. Aldridge, Mr and Mrs Haslam, Mr and Mrs D. Smith, Mr and Mrs White, Mr and Mrs I. Stevenson, Mrs Wilson, Mr Holmes, Mr and Mrs Errol, Mrs S. Morris, Mrs S. and Mr C. Eason, Mr and Mrs A. Beaumont, Mr and Mrs D. Martin, Mr M. Moore, Mr S. Moore, Mr and Mrs Watkinson, Mrs Burnham, Mrs J. Harman, Mr V. Harman, Mr E. Harman, Mr and Mrs S. Pegg, Mr J. Birch, T. Birch, Mr and Mrs D. Dove, Mrs G. Williams, Mr and Mrs K. Dean, A. Carlisle,

Donations received in lieu of flowers were for Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance.

The service was conducted by Sonia Tate and arrangements were by Ivan Bramley.