Tributes at party for tragic Mansfield student killed by brain tumour

April Shannon from Mansfield Woodhouse died on April 21 following the shocking discovery of a large brain tumour.
April Shannon from Mansfield Woodhouse died on April 21 following the shocking discovery of a large brain tumour.
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Friends and family joined for a special event to remember the amazing Mansfield Woodhouse student who died aged only 21 from brain cancer.

The community was touched by April's battle and huge support came out for her in her family's time of need.

Friends organised a send-off party at Industria on May 6 following her funeral on May 4.

General Manager at Industria Linzi Pownall said: "I learnt about Shannon's passing on Facebook. I didn't personally know her but I knew a lot of her friends, and they said they wanted to give her a bit of as end off and could they have Industria for the party. They wanted everybody there to do something positive, and already good celebration of her life, and a bit more party for her, and we were honoured to host the party for April's friends to celebrate her life."

Friend Luke Starnes read out in a touching, honest tribute to the incredibly popular and 'beautifully insane' friend:

He said: "We've lost one of our best, a member of the family that we'll love today, tomorrow and every day. April was, for most, a constant- she never changed over the years, even in the face of her own problems, you could always rely on her to put things into a wonderfully simple perspective, and after 5 minutes of talking to her, your biggest mountains became molehills.

I think everyone in this room has got some story or memory about April that is unique to you, that's the kind of person April was, she was for want of a better word, tapped

She brought a beautiful insanity to the world that I never have or never will see again.

He quipped that the convenience stores, bars and clubs in Mansfield and Sheffield will certainly miss April, as 'their alcohol sales will no doubt be taking a hit'.

"We always knew a party with April wouldn't be followed by an early start. I think I speak for everyone when I say that you could have any limb of mine for one more night like that."

"No doubt she'll be up there now getting ready for when we can join her again to party until the end of days.

"Thank you for crash landing from whichever planet you came from and for the last 21 years, making the world and our lives a wonderful, beautiful, insane place."

James Jimmy Scott said after her funeral: "She had a beautiful send off, being around people from the old days back at manor brought back memories which we all love and cherish.

Just being together side by side through hard times helps us to battle through life and get back up when we've been pulled down."

The community rallied around to help April after she collapsed with a brain tumour, and raised... £2,000 for her cause.

April is a former pupil of Manor Academy and studied English at Sheffield University and had dreams of becoming a lecturer.

The 21-year-old was rushed to hospital on Christmas Eve last year suffering a seizure caused by a brain haemorrhage.

An amazing effort was made to quickly put together funds for

After two surgeries to try and treat the tumour, her family said she was in 'great spirits, laughing and joking' before her condition worsened, and she sadly died on April 21.