Trial continues of Warsop pub landlord accused of sexually assaulting a woman in his pub toilet

The trial of Warsop pub landlord facing allegations he sexually assaulted a woman in the toilets of his pub has heard evidence for the prosecution today.

Monday, 26th September 2016, 6:51 pm
Updated Tuesday, 4th October 2016, 2:03 pm

Kevin David Mason 55 is accused of intentionally touching the woman in a sexual way without her consent at the Crates and Grapes pub, High Street, Warsop, on May 29 2015.

Mason appeared at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court today Monday September 26.

Magistrates heard that the woman had been out with her friends and had gone to the pub during the evening.

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The woman who cannot be named for legal reasons told the court she went to the ladies toilet and the landlord is alleged to have entered behind the room behind her and pushed her into the sink, where the alleged offence took place.

She said she had gone to the pub to sing along with the karaoke just after midnight.

There were around five other people in the bar.

During the evening Mason had been drunk. He sat next to her at the bar and put his hand on her leg, so she pushed him away.

She went out for a cigarette and he had followed her out.

Later on he had asked her to give him a hug, which she did but he had grabbed her breasts.

She said she felt “disgusted” with the way he was behaving towards her. She said he had been following her around everywhere she went in the pub, making her feel uncomfortable.

She had gone to the toilet and as she washed her hands in the sink he carried out the alleged assault.

She said: “He put his arms through mine, pulled me onto the sink, put all his weight on me and tried to pull my dress up. He he got hold of my tights and tried to pull them down.”

The woman described how she shouted and screamed at Davis and struggled to try and head-but him.

Magistrates heard witness Paula Gannon had gone into the toilet to investigate the screaming and shouting.

She said; “I stood at the door - I saw Kevin Mason with his arms around her and his hands up and in the back of her tights

“He dropped her like a red hot poker straight away and just said to me: “She is feeling sick.”

She had later told police Mason’s alleged assault had been like a “Rottweiller on a poodle”.

Another witness Shaun Langley told the court he had alerted Miss Gannon, who was his partner at the time after he saw Mason go into the ladies toilets.

He also claimed to have seen Mason place his hands between the woman’s thighs in the pub earlier before the alleged offence.

The court heard that Miss Gannon had tried to calm the situation and had talked to the alleged victim who then phoned for her partner to come and pick her up from the pub.

The complainant had phoned the police.

In his cross examination for the defence, John Last said there had been discrepancies in what the witnesses had said in their initial police statements and what they had told the court.

He said the complainant told police she had four pints during the evening of the incident when she told the court she had two and a half.

Miss Gannon and Mr Langley told the court that Miss Gannon had contacted the complainant to ask how she was the day after and their conversation ha been picked up by a policeman who had been interviewing the woman at he time.

They said the officer had asked Miss Gannon to repeat their conversation and be a witness.

But the defence lawyer said there had been no police record of the conversation taking place.

He also said CCTV evidence shown in court did not support the prosecution case.

The case continues - evidence for the defence will be heard tomorrow.