Tree tops exhibition opens at Mansfield Museum

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NEWS: News.

Mansfield Museum’s summer exhibition has opened today bringing alive a playful green woodland.

TreeTops is the museum’s seventh Summer Exhibition.

Every year the museum aims to create a display which families can drop into together two or three times during the holidays and beyond.

The exhibition is open to everyone meaning grown-ups can take in information at their leisure, whilst children can find dedicated material to keep them busy.

The new exhibition offers an intriguing space with a playful evocation of a dreamy woodland glade.

Visitors can cross the bark-strewn forest floor to take a dip in the ball-stream or sit and read about life beneath the leafy canopy in the fairy reading corner, complete with giant toadstools.

Lights and sounds bring an interactive element to the exhibition.

Visitors can find out about the history of the area’s native woodlands, the flora and fauna and their place in the English imagination.

There are also tips on where to visit the real thing and a guide to some local conservation groups.