Travellers set up camp again at Huthwaite

Travellers set up camp in Huthwaite.
Travellers set up camp in Huthwaite.

A group of travellers have set up an unlawful camp on land in Huthwaite.

A caravan has been parked up on Strawberry Bank allotments since last week.

Travellers left Ashfield District Council with a £500 clean up bill in November after leaving rubbish strewn around the site, which is owned by Nottinghamshire County Council.

Huthwaite councillor Lee Anderson said: “It looks like they are the same people who came last time. I am sick of all the filth they leave.

“I do know that not every traveller site is like this - some of them are immaculate but this is just terrible.

““They have removed a soil barrier we put up.

“I am asking the council to review our whole village to look at other potential sites where this may happen again in order to try and secure them.”

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