Travellers move in on yet another site in Ashfield

Ashfield District Council has pledged to move on travellers who set up yet another illegal encampment in Ashfield.

Tuesday, 11th September 2018, 1:46 pm
Updated Tuesday, 11th September 2018, 1:47 pm

More than a dozen caravans moved onto the recreation ground on The Twitchell, Leamington on Monday (September 11).

Ashfield District Council leader Councillor Jason Zadrozny says he has thrown the full weight of the authority behind measures to move them on.

Residents inundated Councillor Zadrozny, who represents the Ashfields’ Division on the County Council with complaints

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Coun Zadrozny said “I was on site immediately and the paperwork is being prepared to move them on.”

This follows council action to move them on over the last few weeks from Sutton Lawn, Strawberry Bank Allotments and Hardwick Lane Recreation Ground.

Coun Zadrozny said, “This is so frustrating and we are continuing our decisive action to move them on.

“The travellers ripped up concrete posts causing hundreds of pounds worth of criminal damage.

“It is disgraceful and I have already been onto the Police and asking them to look at prosecuting them.

“The playing fields on The Twitchell are enormously popular with families in Leamington and Sutton.

“I will not tolerate our open spaces being invaded like this with associated problems.”

Councillor Zadrozny said the Council is doing everything possible to move the travellers on.

He added: “As soon as we were alerted to traveller’s encampment - we started the process that will lead to their eviction.

“We are currently working with Nottinghamshire Police to make sure that my complaint of criminal damage is dealt with.

“Ashfield District Council provides facilities for travellers - they are available for them but instead they choose to criminally break onto our parks and open spaces.”

Coun Zadrozny continued, “I am been made aware of a number of threats being made to the travellers. I would ask that people don’t approach them and report any concerns to Ashfield District Council’s Private Sector Enforcement team on 01623 457345 or email [email protected]

Councillor Zadrozny has also called for stronger action from the Government on the issue of travellers.

He said, “Whilst a vast majority of the travelling community are law abiding - many aren’t.

“In Ireland, illegal trespass is a criminal offence and we need to strengthen the law here to protect residents.

“I have written to the Government making these points and pointing out the cost to public services of their failure to act.”

Councillor Lee Anderson said: ”I am calling on the council to visit every public space in Ashfield to deal with this problem . It’s not rocket science - you block them off and they don’t come back.”