Travellers leave Huthwaite allotment site three days after breaking through barrier to set up illegal camp

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Travellers who set up an illegal camp in Huthwaite despite a council installed barrier have left this morning.

The travellers are alleged to have smashed their way through a lock to gain entry to the site at Strawberry Bank allotments and threatened residents.

Before the news that they had left, Councillor Tom Hollis said he had instructed Nottinghamshire County Council to draw up an eviction notice.

He said: “We are securing the site and have reported the travellers to the Police after they smashed their way in with hammers.

“We are on the ground dealing with this and we would like to reassure residents that just like on Sutton Lawn we are doing everything possible to minimalise disruption for locals.”

Huthwaite councillor Coun Lee Anderson, received a community protection warning from Ashfield District Council in February after he hired a digger and placed two massive concrete blocks by the entrance at Strawberry Bank to deter travellers

He said: “This is the third time that an illegal camp has been set up in this car park.

“The council is fully aware of the problem. In the past they have been very slow to react . I did ask for barriers on Brierley Park and they have just put them on the past few days.

“Prevention is better than cure . Let’s make it as difficult as possible to stop them - it’s not rocket science.

Coun Anderson said the lock the council put on the barrier was not secure enough

He said his action in the past which included putting two large boulders on the path to stop access had been vindicated.

He added: “They look for the easy way in and they did not return when the boulders were there.

“I know there were other issues with the allotment owners but they did not return.

He added that other places around the country managed to secure their car parks with barriers, such as Blackpool.

“They need to be more proactive rather than responding .

“When they arrived they were threatening residents and it is just not fair shouting to people that they know where they live.

“And when they have left it will be the people of Ashfield who will have to pick up the bill to clear up the mess they leave behind.”