Traveller encampment on Vicar Water Country Park

An encampment of travellers pitched on Clipstone’s Vicar Water Country Park is being monitored by Newark and Sherwood District Council.

Reports were put forward by Sherwood Police for Ollerton, Clipstone and villages suggesting that the encampment had arrived on November 18, however it has been confirmed that eviction notices are being considered on the camp.

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A police statement said: “On November 18 a group of travellers with vehicles and caravans have taken up temporary residence at Vicar Water, Clipstone.

“The group have sited themselves in the car park adjacent to Rumbles cafe.

“No damage was caused to gain entry to the site, and the travellers have reported their intention to leave towards the end of this week or early next week.

“Newark and Sherwood District Council is leading on this matter. The site has been visited by council officers and the police and we continue to work together on this issue.

“The option of lawful eviction, on application to the courts, is being actively considered and the issue is being closely monitored.”

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A spokesman for the council added: “Council officers have visited and are continuing to monitor the site at Vicar Water where there is currently an unauthorised encampment of caravans.

“We are working to secure the removal of this encampment as quickly as possible.”

The encampment is situation next to Rumbles cafe on the grounds, which is still open for business regardless of the encampment’s location.

A spokesman for Rumbles said: “The cafe is still open and there are a small amount of car parking spaces still available.

“If you don’t want to park in the car park, there are some car park spaces available on the main road.

“We look forward to seeing you.”

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The Rumbles spokesman also confirmed that the travellers are causing no harm or nuisance to staff or guests at the site.

This is not the first time the wider north Nottinghamshire area has been subject to traveller encampments.

Earlier this summer there were encampments on Fisher Lane Park, Spider Park, Ransom Wood and Sherwood Oaks Business Park in Mansfield, as well as several parks in Ashfield including Sutton Lawn on several occasions - most recently last month.