Travel update

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There are understood to be traffic delays on the following roads:

A6009 Chesterfield Road South Mansfield, both ways between A6009 Rosemary Street and B6033 Bath Lane

A6009 Nottinghamshire - Slow traffic on A6009 Chesterfield Road South in both directions in Mansfield between the A6009 Rosemary Street junction and the B6033 Bath Lane junction.

M1 Derbyshire, both ways between A617 [M1 junction 29] and A610 Nottingham [M1 junction 26]

M1 Derbyshire - Fog on M1 between J29, A617 (Chesterfield) and J26, A610 (Nottingham). Approach with care.

M1 Nottinghamshire, northbound at A610 Nottingham [M1 junction 26]

M1 Nottinghamshire - Queueing traffic on the exit slip road on M1 northbound at J26, A610 (Nottingham).

A60 Mansfield Road Nottingham, northbound at Redhill Road

A60 Nottinghamshire - A60 Mansfield Road in Nottingham partially blocked northbound at the Redhill Road junction, because of an accident.