Traumatic and unfair

Rightly or wrongly, my son who has a recognised brain injury was one of thousands of claimants removed from benefits he was entitled to by this austerity obsessed government and onto the lowest rate.

He was examined by a doctor from a privately hired company to ‘root out’ the scroungers and did not register any points on the scale required to remain on benefit. After almost two years and having to travel to another county to have his appeal heard, he was awarded 21 points by the appeal panel and was reinstated.

he original medical was a farce, with the doctor asking questions from a prepared Government questionnaire, with no consideration or expertise on my son’s condition. Clearly this was designed to slash the benefits bill,with everyone treated as swindling the system.

ithout doubt, there are people who are cheating and deserve to be taken off benefits, but our experience has been traumatic and unfair. How many other genuine cases have had to go through this ordeal?

Name and address supplied.