Warning to bikers from Sutton father

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An anxious Sutton father has issued a stark warning to young bikers after his own son was hospitalised following a collision.

So far, Ryan McCrum has undergone two major operations since his leg was severely damaged in the accident on Wednesday, 27th November.

Apart from breaks to both his tibia than fibula, he has also had muscle taken from his calf and thigh to replace damaged tissue in his leg.

The experienced biker also faces further surgery and there is still a chance that he could lose his leg, said dad Derren McCrum.

Now Mr McCrum, 40, of St Mary’s Road, Sutton, has issued a warning to other young bikers and their parents to make sure they are wearing the correct safety gear when they go out on their bikes.

He said: “Ryan is a very careful rider and was wearing all the correct safety gear when his accident happened.

“His are crush injuries so the leathers didn’t make any difference as Ryan was trapped between a car and his bike.

“But he could easily have been thrown forward onto the road and that’s where the safety clothing comes into its own, as hitting the road without the right protection is like rubbing a cheese grater against the skin.

“You see a lot of these youngsters riding round on bikes and all they have got for protection is a helmet and I want to warn them and their parents that it simply isn’t enough. I also think the government needs to intervene.”

Mr McCrum said Ryan, who works at the Co-op depot in South Normanton and was gearing up to take his part-two bike test, could be off work for up to two years recovering from his injuries.

“We’re hoping he can come home on Christmas Day but he’ll have to go back to hospital in the evening and probably won’t be home properly for another two months,” Mr McCrum added.