These are the 15 mobile speed camera locations in Mansfield and Ashfield next week

Police have released a list of where every mobile speed camera will be located in and around Mansfield and Ashfield and surrounding areas this week.

Mobile safety camera vehicles are deployed on routes identified through personal injury collision data – as well as those highlighted by local communities who have concerns over speeding motorists.

Nottinghamshire Safety Camera Partnership has published the following list on where mobile speed cameras will be deployed.

Forest Town

Nottinghamshire Road Safety Camera Partnership has released it mobile and static speed camera locations.

B6030 Clipstone Road West/Sherwood Hall Road - 30mph

New Mill Lane/Sandlands Way - 30/40mph


B6018 Church Hill - 30mph

B6018 Sutton Road - 30mph


A617 Kirklington - 30mph


Eakring Road - 30mph

B6030 Forest Road - 30mph

A60 Nottingham Road - 30mph

A6191 Southwell Road - 30/40mph

Mansfield Woodhouse

A60 Leeming Lane - 30mph

A6117 Old Mill Lane - 30/40mph


A60 Nottingham Road/Mansfield Road - 40mph


B6028 Stoneyford Road - 30mph


B6023 Mansfield Road - 30mph

Kirkby Road - 30mph