Notts motorists urged to drive safely during harvest-time

MOTORISTS in rural areas of Nottinghamshire are being urged to take extra care over the next few weeks as the harvest season gets into full swing.

Drivers on country roads are more likely to encounter more slow-moving – and potentially heavily-laden – agricultural vehicles than usual and need to make allowances for this.

“A factor in many collisions during the harvesting months is motorists travelling too fast to stop within the visible clear distance, so that when they turn a bend and encounter a queue of traffic behind a slow-moving tractor they are not able to avoid a crash,” says Coun Richard Jackson, Nottinghamshire County Council’s portfolio holder for transport and highways.

“Drivers need to use their peripheral vision and keep a look-out for tell-tale signs of agricultural traffic – often displaying an orange flashing light on the top of the vehicle – emerging from fields.

“Another clue can be an increased amount of mud on the road.

“At the moment, hedges and trees lining rural roads are in still in full leaf, therefore reducing visibility around bends. It is important for drivers to reduce speed in order to be able to stop quickly.

“Our plea to all road users is to slow down and make allowances for any slow-moving agricultural vehicles they may encounter.”