LETTER: By-passing pothole repair problem

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Since the Rainworth bypass opened in June 2000, very few repairs have been done in it’s 14 years of life.

In places cracks and holes are appearing and from the Mansfield end the left-hand lane is just a mass of potholes in the making.

Coming from Mansfield I always stay in the right-hand lane, if that is possible.

I feel that this road is going to cost a fortune to repair if it is not started soon.

Also I feel that the two laybys should be closed as they are just being used as public toilets, the smell walking past on a warm day is disgusting.

How people are allowed to sell food in these places I do not know, as I thought that toilets had to be provided, also hand washing facilities?

Health and hygiene should surely be told of this. At the end of the day this road is going to cost taxpayers a lot of cash.

As a taxpayer I have an interest. The amount of broken coil springs tells you what the pot holes are doing.

A. Hall


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