Tragic teen Saffron hanged herself, inquest hears

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A young woman found dead in her Mansfield home hanged herself, an inquest has heard.

Saffron Pickering, 17, of Foston Close was found by her partner on Wednesday June 21.

An inquest into her death was concluded in Nottingham today (Thursday October 26). A coroner has said there was not proof she had deliberately killed herself.

The police were alerted to her death in the early hours of June 21. by her partner Daniel Waring’s mother

Miss Jane Gillespie, assistant coroner for Nottinghamshire said Mr Waring was known to the police for his own offences and was arrested on suspicion of her murder at that time.

There were concerns about his version of events suspicion about his ability to access their flat and damage in the flat among other evidence.

However folowing evidence from DS Elaine Fowler in charge of the case and following a post mortem,

Mr Waring was released without charge.

Police were satisfied there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding her death.

A pathologist report gave the cause of death as hanging.

The report showed Miss Pickering had consumed extremely high quantities of class A drug MDMA on the day of her death, though not in the toxic range.

Mr Waring told police he and Miss Pickering had had an argument on the day of the tragedy, which was not unusual in their relationship.

He had left the property for an hour and when he tried to regain entry he was locked out.

He got back in through a window where he found his partner’s body.

Emergency services confirmed she had died at the scene.

The inquest was told Miss Pickering had argued with friends the previous evening and friends had seen her take five or six lines of MDMA.

Delivering her conclusion, the coroner said she had not left any notes explaining her actions she did not have a mobile phone.

She had not expressed in the weeks leading up to her death an intention to take her own life and there had been no diagnoses of a mental health problem

She had been on bail at the time of her death which may have been causing her anxiety and stress.

Saffron had been assessed by a mental health specialist when in custody.

Whilst she had anger management problems those were to do with emotional rather than mental health.

The inquest heard she was also likely to have been distressed after she had suffered a recent miscarriage.

But there was no explanation for her actions and she had no history of self harm or suicide.

Miss Gillespie said there was insufficient evidence to record a suicide verdict.

She added: “I simply do not know what prompted Miss Pickering to take the action she did nor am I satified she intended to to end her own life .

“It may well have been she was expecting Daniel to return earlier than he did”

She recorded a narrative conclusion that Saffron took her own life by hanging.