‘Tragic catalogue of errors took our son away from us’, say Sutton teen Greg Bear’s parents

Greg Bear
Greg Bear

A CORONER has recorded a narrative verdict at an inquest into the death of a Sutton teenager.

Greg Bear (17) died from septicaemia on 22nd December 2010 six days after he was diagnosed with flu.

Three doctors and two paramedics failed to recognise he had sepsis - or blood poisoning - before he was taken to King’s Mill Hospital on 21st December.

Deputy coroner for Nottinghamshire, Heidi Connor, concluded mistakes were made by GPs and paramedics but did not rule there was neglect.

She said: “Greg died from septicaemia. It’s likely when his GP was first consulted, Greg was suffering only from a viral infection.

“From the 19th onwards Greg’s strength of character was such that he didn’t appear as unwell as he was.

“To Greg’s family there aren’t enough words in the dictionary to describe what you have been through.

“As a family your dignity throughout these proceedings has been nothing short of inspirational.

“You have done your son proud, if he was anything like his parents, he must have been quite a lad.”

After the hearing Greg’s parents Gary and Liz said they hoped lessons had been learned.

“Hopefully we can take something positive away from the tragic catalogue of errors which took our son away from us,” Gary said.

“We hope medical professionals can become better at spotting the early signs of sepsis so it can be spotted early and lives can be saved.

“We don’t want anyone to go through what we’ve been through.

“Something as simple as asking when someone last passed urine can save lives. If it’s a long time it’s more than likely they need to go to hospital.

“Greg was inspirational to his friends. He was well liked by everyone. He would literally do anything for anyone.”