Traffic lights ruined Kirkby

Traffic lights ruined Kirfkby

Kirkby’s town centre is again in the news and again it looks like more money is going to be wasted. On page five of Chad, (24th Oct) in paragraph three it states ‘making Ellis Street two-way will alleviate congestion in the town centre’.

However, in paragraph seven Nottinghamshire County Council.stated ‘that the road scheme will not solve the congestion problem’.

Ashfield District Council. has no say in what happens to Kirkby’s roads because the county council.can do as it pleases, irrespective of what is best for Kirkby.

I forget how many years it is since Kirkby town centre was ruined, but over those years I have spoken with councillors and written letters, but to no avail.

Most motorists agree that the congestion is caused by the traffic lights.

There were never any problems until the lights were installed. Who can remember how freely traffic flowed when the lights were switched of for maintenance?

All of Kirkby’s traffic lights must go.

On another point, several years ago while speaking with councillors, I suggested using Kirkby’s old covered market (one of Kirkby’s best features) as a bus station. At the time doubts were expressed.

I do hope that the plans are not to move the bus stops on to Ellis Street

Just in case anyone from ADC or NCC reads my letter, I am available to explain why I am right.

If Kirkby is fortunate and receives EU funding, it must be used properly and seen to be used properly, otherwise

there will be never be anymore.

Gordon Barkes,

Ethelbert Avenue.