Traffic issues blighting new school’s site

Parking issues on Stuart Avenue, Forest Town outside Abbey Primary School
Parking issues on Stuart Avenue, Forest Town outside Abbey Primary School

A school which moved into new premises has admitted that traffic issues need addressing, following reports that buses are struggling to get through.

Abbey Primary made the switch to a purpose-built site recently after outgrowing their old building on Mansfield’s Abbey Road.

The school is now on Stuart Avenue, a 10-minute walk from the old site.

However, there have been traffic issues during rush hour.

Local councillor and governor at Abbey Primary, Steve Garner told the Chad: “I have never seen anything like it, buses can’t get through.

“There’s the same amount of kids at the school but because it’s a little bit further away for some seems to be more driving now.

“I don’t think there’s any easy solution, but we have to look at it, although it’s not as easy with both parents working now.”

Headteacher Kim Wakefield, said: “I understand local residents’ concerns about parking issues and traffic congestion around the school since our new building opened its doors three weeks ago.

“It’s early days and I’m keen to work with parents and local residents to resolve these teething problems.

“I’ve written to parents reminding them to park as far away as possible from the school’s entrance, avoid parking over people’s drives and not use driveways of local homes as turning points.

“Unfortunately, a large number of pupils come from outside of the catchment area so walking’s not an option.

“However, I’m currently carrying out a parent survey to find out how pupils are travelling to school to identify further solutions and help with a travel plan encouraging parents to walk their children to school where possible.”