Sutton student hits out at 'exploitative' bus discount card

A Sutton student who works at Nottingham College has hit out at bus firm Trentbarton for “exploiting” students with its discounted Mango card.

Martyn Wagg, who is also a final year sociology student at the University of Nottingham, has been travelling on the Threes bus service from Sutton to Nottingham since 2014.

Mr Wagg is hitting out at the Trentbarton Mango card.

Mr Wagg is hitting out at the Trentbarton Mango card.

But to his “disgust”, he recently realised that the bus firm’s student ‘Mango’ card, which advertises discounted bus fares for students, “doesn’t work until 9am”, the time in which most students have already arrived in the classroom.

Mr Wagg, who provides learning support at the collegeollege, says it is “false advertising” and that students are being “exploited for greed”.

He said:“I have travelled by bus for more than four years on the Threes Trentbarton, but I have found out to my disgust that the student Mango does not work until 9am in the morning.

“Where are most students at 9am in the morning? Mostly in class. So why’s this a student Mango, when it doesn’t provide the benefits?

“It’s the students who are exploited for profit and greed on a false advertising bus service, that supposedly helps them. In my opinion it’s disgusting how Trentbarton have got away with this.

“Under serviced buses, many break down. If something is advertised as a student Mango, stating discounts and fair prices, it should hold to that. But it doesn’t.”

But Trentbarton has defended its Mango card.

A spokesman said: “Mango helps to make those student loans stretch a bit further by giving 20 per cent off adult cash singles.

“Our caps mean spending is limited, no matter how often you travel, it’s only the day cap that is not active until 9am – the seven and 28 day caps apply for travel at any time.

“Even if students don’t reach their seven or 28 day cap, they are still saving a significant amount every time they travel.”