LETTER: I dread day someone is killed by foreign car

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In the Chad a few weeks ago, the paper went into detail regarding the speeding fines written off due to being unable to trace the culprits,

what a load of hog wash.

Do you mean that these cars they bring into our country are not being logged so they are on the PNC (Police National Computer)?

Then what’s the point of the PNC is it just for the people who live and contribute to our economy.

Because that’s not the laws of this land. We all have to operate under the laws of the land who live here so if they live here and work here then the laws apply to them too.

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What also grieves me and causes concern is the fact that some of the cars being brought into our country by them have no road tax.

It is said by some police they can ride around on our road system with no tax for two years then they have to have tax.

How do they know how to enforce this tax system if they don’t know where the cars are located.

Also alarming is that nine out of ten drivers who don’t have road tax, then may not be insured. More alarming is that they may have no M.O.T. which I’m sure is very alarming.

What happens if you are involved in a accident with one of these imported cars?

As they are not on the PNC then you have little or no chance of actually tracking where the driver lives and a lot of the cars that come in are sold to other foreigners and I understand in some cases the ones selling them go out of the country and bring in another car which will also not be logged on the PNC.

That can also be driven around with no tax for another two years.

What would happen if you drove a car in a foreign country and you were involved in some sort of trouble with the law?

I am sure you wouldn’t be treated with such leniency.

We have relaxed our laws to the extent of inviting trouble in with little or no chance of monitoring the situation that has been created.
I dread the day that someone is injured or, God forbid, is killed by one of these imported cars.

Kevan Pattison,

By email

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