‘Fast and furious boy racers causing havoc’ in Mansfield cinema car park

A Mansfield man is taking action into his own hands to prevent the town’s fast and furious from injuring revellers outside a cinema.

Tuesday, 20th August 2019, 3:10 pm

Dean Carron fears the worst about a group of frequent “boy racers” who “loiter” outside the Odeon cinema – suggesting that their antics are steering out of control.

It comes as Mr Carron left the multiplex after going in to buy tickets for ‘Toy Story 4’ to find boy racers “doing spins and donuts” near his new Kia Sportage – a problem he says is regular for “most customers” at Odeon.

He fears the way members of the group drive could “kill someone” leaving the cinema, and wants more action such as cameras put in place to deter the group from returning to the car park.

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Concerns have been raised over Boy racers using the Odeon car park

He said: “The cars speed up and down the road near the cinema and the restaurants and I think eventually someone is going to die or get knocked over as they walk out of Odeon.

“It’s been going on for years and I know marked and unmarked police cars are down there most nights monitoring the group – so obviously it’s being taken very seriously.

“There’s a racing group and a car meet group who regularly go there and it’s not safe at all. They’ve all got fast cars and they’re speeding around, doing tricks in the car park and leaving marks all over the road - something needs to be done about them before the worst happens.

“I came out of the cinema and saw them doing spins and donuts around my brand new Kia Sportage.

boy racers

“I’ve worked hard to get that car but don’t want it there while they’re doing that, and it shouldn’t be the case that people feel unsafe leaving their car in the car park while the group are there.”

Nottinghamshire Police have also called for more people to assist them with the “problem vehicles” and taking their operation up a gear.

Police Sergeant Andrew Doran, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “We are aware of cars that congregate near the Sainsbury’s and Odeon car park in Mansfield.

“Officer’s from Nottinghamshire Police pay close attention to the area during the evening times when there are reports of problem vehicles.

“We previously ran a dedicated operation tackling this issue which resulted in prosecutions for offences such as dangerous driving and other road traffic offences.

“We encourage members of the public to report any further problems so more positive action can be taken.”