‘Cut fees and scrap parking charges...’

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Chad readers have urged council chiefs to slash stall rents and scrap parking fees to save Mansfield’s market.

The District Council launched a survey asking people to comment on ideas for its future, including moving stalls and changing the frequency of market days.

But Chad readers have a simple solution to boost the market - make it cheaper for shoppers and traders to use.

We’ve been flooded by letters and emails when we asked readers for their ideas.

Chris Vickers said: “When you look at what Chesterfield has to offer in terms of variety, its much more and appealing and therefore vibrant. My advice would be to go look at what other towns are doing and mimmic/encourage the same for Mansfield.

“Also, parking costs in Mansfield are ridiculous! My wife and I are regulars to London/other cities and are always astonished to find Mansfield is on par, often higher with their charges. A simple solution would be to do away with parking charges altogether.”

Margaret Reece wrote: “If they got rid of those useless concrete balls on the market and made room for MORE stalls I think people would appreciate the market more. Gone are the days when you could spend all day walking round our market.”

Another reader added: “Credit due to the council for wanting to add a modern touch to the market place, but during the time it took to get right the traders were pushed out and as we all know they have a living to make and so need to trade elsewhere.

“Offer new traders space rent free for a while and die hards half price, then increase in increments over a year until all are paying full price again and by this time becoming established again. We may by this time also see all other businesses benefiting from the activity, isn’t it worth a try, I think we’ve all had enough of seeing a dead market for such a long time.

“Mansfield could have a lot to offer but you have to get the people into town and make it worth their time....”

Facebook friends also had plenty to say:

Deano Cobb: Take the store rent down and watch it grow, it’s not rocket science.

Nat Robin: Invest money into it, drop the rents, filter the traders so they are mostly different. Make car parking free to attract more shoppers.

Open the market 7 days a week as revenue is revenue!! Hold competitions for traders to win awards! And give it the attention it deserves. Drop shop rents too and watch it grow!

Carol Ward MDC need to look at Chesterfield market and why that is so successful, don’t know why but it shouldn’t be too hard to find out

Jo Wilson: I don’t think they should have the market 7 days a week, I think there isn’t enough footfall through the town on some days to warrant the stall holders having to pay for 7 days a week

Mckenzie Tyler Andrew Evans: Drop the rent down people sit on on there markets all day everyday even when its horrible weather because they are trying to make enough money to pay there rent and bills ect and still have money left over to live on.

Marie Roy: Ask the stall traders themselves what they want, after all it’s them that’s going to suffer the most - my opinion anyway.

There is still time for you to have your say on the future of Mansfield Market, if you haven’t already done so. You can collect questionnaires from the Civic Centre, or by logging on to www.mansfield.gov.uk/marketconsultation.

Closing date is Friday, April 18