Town MP wants to see more people playing sports in Mansfield

Last weekend I was privileged to be invited to cut the ribbon on some great new facilities at Scorpions Cheer Academy on Victoria Street, writes Ben Bradley MP.

It’s actually the second cheerleading club I’ve visited (having been to Destiny Cheer last year as well) and both clubs are growing and doing really well both in terms of competitions and the numbers of young people involved.

Ben Bradley MP

Ben Bradley MP

There is a real demand for great sport in Mansfield.

The truth is, we have a huge range of sports clubs here for all ages, from traditional team sports like Mansfield Rugby, North Notts Hockey and a range of football and cricket clubs, to Giants basketball, gymnastics, martial arts, boxing, bowls clubs and many more.

I’ve also visited a number of clubs and teams providing sports opportunities for people with disabilities or special educational needs, like Nottinghamshire Powerchair football based at West Notts College, for example.

If you look through the statistics it’s sad to see that Mansfield is so often at the wrong end of the tables in terms of the amount of physical activity people do.

I know from my own experience, where before I was elected I spent most of my time on a rugby or hockey pitch, just how rewarding sport can be.

I miss it now that I’m struggling to find the time to play, and I want to encourage more people to get involved.

That’s why I’ve been working to secure funding for sports facilities, particularly at miners’ welfares.

For those who are least physically active, sometime ‘sport’ can be a bit of a scary prospect.

It doesn’t have to be formal or organised though, we can all make a commitment to walk a little more, get outside a little more, to swim or take part in something social.

We all have that responsibility to lead healthy lives, both for ourselves and for society as a whole, and here in Mansfield and Warsop there are so many oppor-tunities to get involved.

So regardless of your age or fitness levels, why not have take a look at and find an activity that suits you.