Town hopes to see ban of heavy goods lorries

A Southwell councillor is hoping a ban on heavy goods vehicles in the area will cure residents’ traffic nightmares.

If the order went ahead it would mean no heavy goods vehicles except for agricultural vehicles could enter the town.

Bruce laughton, Nottinghamshire County Councillor for Southwell and Caunton, said: “Lorries are damaging the roads and causing a considerable amount of environmental damage in the area.

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“We really need to reduce the impact of traffic on pedestrians.

People are coming out of their houses and meeting traffic head-on.”

Southwell Town Councillor Paul Handley said: “Heavy traffic has been a problem for some time so we are trying to do something to alleviate it.

“The idea of heavy lorries using Southwell as a main A-Road route is a bit daft.

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“We have had a couple of accidents in the last couple of years - a house was badly damaged in one where its corner was hit by a car.

“This has been a running issue for ten years and hopefully we may finally get something that will help residents out.”

The Southwell area traffic regulation order 2014 will be consulted on until 13th January.

You can view the plans at or by visiting Southwell Library, King Street, or County Hall, or comment by emailing [email protected].