TONY ON TV: Can Channel 4 get any lower with Baggage?

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I DON’T think Jeremy Kyle’s short of a bob or two with shows on both sides of the Atlantic. However, if he wants to raise some ready cash he could always put an ad in the Chad - “FOR SALE: Fairly new TV set as seen on ITV’s morning show.

Not used all that much as most of the interviews and action takes place backstage, in corridors, dressing rooms or in the car park with panoramic views over Manchester. Best offer secures.”

The last phrase also sums up Channel 4’s loud and brash dating show ‘Baggage’ (Friday) in which grinning Gok Wan, after showing us how to look good naked and how to cook Chinese food, plays Cupid to looking-for-love contestants.

They have to choose between three suitors who bring their emotional baggage to the show - a garish airport arrival/ departure set, complete with make-believe air hostesses and a luggage carousel which delivers family or friend who reveal a dark secret that either seals or sours the love match.

Previous revelations have included contestants who eat mashed spuds for breakfast, don’t wear knickers or believe that in another life they were on the Titanic.

So it will be interesting to see what happens this Friday when Hayley has her pick of three handsome guys, Rory, Danny and Harry - one admits he can’t use a microwave and another plays Quidditch for England.

And when it’s Harry’s turn to pick from three sexy ladies, he’s faced with the revelation that one is a nose-picker and bogey-eater.

Can Channel 4 get any lower?

This trash TV gives a bad start to the weekend, and one that Yorkshire sleuth DCI Banks (played so well by Stephen Tompkinson) could well do with investigating when he’s finished his current caseload of crimes getting a welcome re-run on ITV on Wednesdays ahead of a new series starting next week.

And keeping up the action at home (Scotland) and away (Morocco) is BBC1’s new thriller ‘Hunted,’ which starts an eight-week run tomorrow, starring Melissa George as private security operative Sam Hunter who survives an assassination attempt in Tangier, only to resurface a year later bent on cracking a criminal network and finding out who betrayed her.