Time-wasting 999 appeal

DERBYSHIRE folk are being urged not to waste police time after requests for tips on the nearest take-away or taxi service were among 20,206 non-emergency calls to its 999 switchboards in just over five months.

The Derbyshire Police Authority statistics reveal around three in every 10 of 999 calls were non-genuine emergencies and the force is also urging people to direct other legitimate general enquiries to its 0345 123 3333 line.

The data included 7,272 non-genuine emergency calls out of 22,615 999 calls in the county between April and May. And during the following three months until 6th September, 12,934 999 calls were classed as non-legitimate out of 38,690 999 calls.

Folk will also soon be able to dial 101 to contact police with less urgent crime and disorder.