Time capsule flop

IT was such a shame that the public photo call in Mansfield Market Square (Thursday) in aid of the time capsule to be buried under the new bus station, attracted only about a dozen people.

Despite the Notts County Council publicity that included a local Town Cryer and Chad publicity (Chad, 5th Septmeber).

With the Police presence outnumbering those gathered, the first arrivals who could have been forgiven for thinking that they had got the wrong Thursday.

Apparently the NCC were unable to place simple publicity signs on the streets because of national or MDC street regulations so why can’t such restrictive rulings be relaxed and more common sense be applied in one-off situations?

This NCC proposed ‘End of Summer’ event was unfortunate in following Tuesday’s huge crowd gathering to celebrate the town’s homecoming Olympic and Paralympic heroes, so soon and with hindsight it was going to be a non-event.

Arguably a substitute photo of the three thousand on Tuesday would now make a much more appropriate offering to capture the town’s true spirit.

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