Tile thief told victim he was a roofer


A thief spotted while removing roof tiles from a house was stopped by a member of the public, and tried to convince the owner that he was hired by them to do work.

Nottinghamshire Police is appealing for information after reports that an unknown make was seen on the roof of a house in Springfield Drive, Nuthall,

They said: "The caller stated the male had removed a tile and then he came back down and stated to the caller their roof tiles were loose and work needed doing.

"This was all done without the caller’s knowledge and they were informed by a neighbour that the male had taken the tile off the roof.

The male claimed to be a roofer but the numbers given for the company went to dead tones, and when the company was contacted, they claimed to ahve no knowledge of the supposed roofer.

Anyone with information should call Nottinghamshire Police on 101.