Tibshelf man died after suffering stroke at Bolsover Community Hospital

A TIBSHELF man who died following a fall in Bolsover Community Hospital had suffered a stroke, an inquest heard.

Harold Roy Hall (92) suffered a fractured skull in the fall which caused some internal bleeding, said pathologist Dr Roger Start.

He was incapacitated and developed pneumonia which led to his death a few days later on 28th September last year.

Mr Hall, of West View, had suffered a fractured hip and was a long-term patient in Chesterfield Royal Hospital before being discharged to Bolsover hospital.

He was on blood-thinning medication which presented a risk of “catastrophic haemorrhages,” especially within the brain - but the risk was low, said Dr Start.

He believed, on the balance of probabilities, Mr Hall suffered an acute inter-cerebral haemorrhage, or stroke, causing him to apparently fall backwards and bang his head.

This resulted in the skull fracture and some bleeding between the brain and skull. The stroke was possibly complicated by blood-thinning medication but not caused by it.

“I can’t say which was the primary factor but together they have led to his death,” said Dr Start, referring to the stroke and head injury.

He added: “It’s not uncommon to see people rapidly develop overwhelming chest infections in this type of scenario.”

Deputy North Derbyshire Coroner Nigel Anderson recorded a verdict of death from natural causes contributed to by a fall.