Thursday 29th May: Blidworth, Kirklington and Edingley community news

Community event.
Community event.

Blidworth - Meadow Road and New Road Pensioners Club - On Monday week the meeting was opened by Mrs M. Brailsford. Mrs J. Pitt and Mrs M. Wood and Mrs K. White served the members with refreshments. Tickets were sold by Mrs J. Dodsworth and Mr H. Alcock called the bingo. Mrs M. Cooper organised and called the quiz and the winners were Mrs J. Dodsworth and Mrs M. Wood. Bingo winners were Mesdames B. Rainforth, P. Smart, B. Poyser, S. Layland, M. Prior, S. Cutts, J. Dodsworth, V. Greaves, and B. Creasey. Raffle winners were Mesdames R. Dodsworth, J. Dodsworth, E. Haggarty, J. Alexander, M. Wood, J. Pitt, and Mr H. Alcock. Members also celebrated the birthdays of Marlene Prior, June Smith, June Alexander, and Betty Poyser.

St Andrews - Holy Communion was led by Rev’d Janet Heath on Tuesday with the regular Vestry Hour on Wednesdays from 6-7pm led by Angela Penny.

Methodist Church - A Healing Communion was led by the Rev’d Ann Anderson in the morning on Tuesday and this was followed by a soup lunch. The Artist group met at the church on Tuesday evening and Karen O’Hara led Thursday evening’s prayer meeting. On Sunday morning the service was led by the Rev’d David Greenwood who also played musical accompaniment to the service on his guitar. There were readings from Lynn Clark and Keith Wilson and flowers decorating the church were donated by Janet Charlton. Church members attended an evening circuit service at Ollerton Methodist church,

ST Mary’s - Sharon Winders led the Morning Prayer service on Sunday morning and later led prayers. Marilyn Brown both assisted with the service and also presented the sermon. Stephen Fox read from the New Testament with Angela Penny reading from the Old Testament. Robin Sharpe gave a reading from the Gospel with Gordon Foster playing the music to accompany the service.

Kirklington - ST Swithin’s - The next service at the church will be on 1st June and will be Holy Communion.

Edingley - St Giles - The service on Sunday was led by the Rev’d David McCullough with Richard Nunn playing the organ during the service. There were readings from Sally and Ed Compton.