Thugs who terrorised Mansfield couple in their home have sentences slashed

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Four thugs who terrorised a Mansfield couple in their own home while on the hunt for a cash haul had their sentences dramatically slashed on appeal today.

Zack Michael Moult, 20, Gavin Lee Hartshorn, 24, Jason Richard Hole, 22, and Mark Smith, 37, were all sentenced at Nottingham Crown Court last October after admitting robbery.

Smith, of Windsor Road, Mansfield, was jailed for 11 years, and Hartshorn, of Sandy Lane, Mansfield, received eight years.

Hole, of Crompton Road, Mansfield, got eight and a half years, and Moult, of Chesterfield Road North, Mansfield, was caged for seven years and four months.

The four men were prosecuted over a night time raid carried out on a house on Gladstone Street, Mansfield, in April last year.

The gang was convinced the couple living there had a large amount of cash hidden - but came away from the raid with only £20 and a handbag.

They burst in masked by their hoods and demanded the couple’s money, Lord Justice Burnett told London’s Appeal Court today.

The couple - aged in their 50s - were forced to cower as the drunken thugs rampaged through their home shouting: “We’ve come for your money”.

The male householder was left badly bruised, while his wife was slapped and had her bag snatched.

Lord Justice Burnett, sitting with Mr Justice Hickinbottom and Mr Justice Soole, said the woman was left mentally scarred by her ordeal.

“This was undoubtedly a nasty offence,” he told the court.

“Although the victims did not sustain serious injuries, they were badly knocked about and frightened and the robbery was committed by a gang”.

However, the appeal judge ruled that the sentences imposed on all four men were “excessive” and ought to be reduced.

Smith’s sentence was cut to seven years and eight months and Hartshorn’s came down to five years and four months.

Hole’s was reduced to five years and seven months, and Moult won a cut to four years and 10 months.