Thug tried to smash way into house as occupants slept

Derran Simpson and his father, Peter, at their home on Budby Crescent, Meden Vale.
Derran Simpson and his father, Peter, at their home on Budby Crescent, Meden Vale.

A father and son have described the terrifying moment a drunken thug tried to smash into their home as they slept.

Derran Simpson and his frail dad, Peter Simpson, had been in bed on Monday morning at 2am when a man approached their house in Meden Vale, and began screaming for them to come out of the house before putting their downstairs windows through.

Budby Crescent, Meden Vale

Budby Crescent, Meden Vale

The thug then tried to grab Peter, 67, who has a heart condition, through the broken window of the front door as he attempted to stop him from entering the Budby Crescent property.

The would-be intruder then cut his arm on the shards of broken glass and left blood spattered across the door.

Derran, 42, said he and his father, who live at the rented council house, had been to the quiz at The Plough pub in Warsop on Sunday night, and had got home at about 1am. I was in bed and just turned the light off when I heard someone shout outside,” said Derran.

“I thought it was someone just walking past but then I heard a bang. I went into my dad’s room at the front and I could this man shouting and saying he will ‘have us’.

“I’d never seen him before, but he was hitting the window with a vodka bottle.

“He was then kicking the door and mouthing abuse.”

The man then hurled a huge rock through the window of the front door and tried to grab at Peter who had come down the stairs and attempted to stop him entering.

The police arrived within minutes but the man had already fled.

Derran said: “He must have seen the police coming and legged it somewhere and gone in a house fairly close by or hid in an alleyway.”

Peter, who has had a heart by-pass operation and suffers from angina, admitted the incident had shaken them up.

“We were just worried in case he got in, there was glass everywhere, it was terrifying.

“He was either drunk or drugged up, and you just don’t know if he’ll come back.”

It is thought the incident may be a revenge attack after Derran was convicted last year of racially insulting a fellow white man in a drunken rant.

Caught on CCTV, he was jailed for six months.

However this had stemmed from his father Peter facing charges of criminal damage to cars in the area, but which was subsequently thrown out of court.

Derran said: “I don’t know if this is from that but I have done my time, it has been dealt with in the court as the judge felt fit and that should be the end of it.

“The majorty of the people around here are elderly and it’s usually a quiet area.”

Police have been unable to confirm if the incident is a revenge attack, but confirmed they are investigating a case of criminal damage.

Anyone with information is being asked to contact police on 101, quoting reference number 51 of June 13.