Three-year criminal behaviour order for Boughton teen


After harassing and threatening his neighbours one man has been handed a three-year criminal behaviour order by the court.

Nottinghamshire Police and the Newark and Sherwood District Council Anti-Social Behaviour Team successfully sought a three-year Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) imposed against Nathan Lee this week.

Nathan Lee, 17, of Bentinck Close, Boughton, was found to have threatened and harassed residents on the Boughton Estate as well as causing a nuisance by riding off-road motorbikes and quad bikes in the area.

Newark and Sherwood anti-social behaviour officer Terry Bailey said: “I hope that the excellent result that we and the police have gained means that life will be better for everyone in the areas affected, Lee included, and that residents can live in peace and safety without anti-social behaviour blighting their lives.”

Under the terms of the CBO imposed at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, August 16, Lee was instructed:

• Not to associate with four other named individuals, including one from Newark.

• Not to be seen in groups of greater than four people.

• Not to be seen driving or sitting on a motor vehicle not intended for road use, including motorbikes, quad bikes, off-road bikes or pit bikes.

• Not to cause alarm, harassment or distress in the areas of Ollerton, Boughton and Newark as defined on a map.

Magistrate Mr J Adams warned Lee that the last of these conditions was the most serious one and that any breach of this order could result in Lee being given a custodial sentence.

Lee was also ordered to pay a total of £150 in compensation – £50 to each of three victims who had suffered distress as a result of his past behaviour.

In addition to the three-year CBO Lee was made subject to a 12-month referral order requiring him to work with the Youth Offending Team and to an 18-month Restraining Order regarding named individuals.

Inspector Louise Clarke of Nottinghamshire Police said: “One individual can have a very negative effect on a community but the police and district council have worked very closely together to make this clear to the court. We will actively, jointly, seek to intervene using the tools available to us to place restrictions on those whose behaviour negatively impacts others.

“The three-year CBO demonstrates to the community of Boughton that we take their concerns seriously and will support those who suffer the effects of anti-social behaviour and harassment. This order will positively impact the lives of people locally. This displays the versatility and wide-reaching nature of this legislation, which helps us to jointly tackle anti -social offending and allows officers to arrest when conditions are breached. “