Three supermarkets confirm they will no longer accept old pound coins

The new pound coins were released earlier this year.
The new pound coins were released earlier this year.

Three popular supermarkets have confirmed they will no longer take old pound coins after Sunday (October 15).

Lidl, Waitrose and Marks and Spencer have all confirmed the change will happen as of midnight on Sunday.

However, if you miss the deadline Aldi and Tesco has recently announced that it will be giving shoppers additional time to spend the old currency in store.

This change comes as the old round pound will cease to be legal tender from Sunday as the 12-sided version takes over.

An Aldi spokesperson said: “We’ve been ready to accept the new £1 coins since they first came into circulation in March. To make the transition as easy as possible for our customers, we will continue to accept the old £1 coins as payment across our stores until the 31st of October.”

Tesco is set to accept the old pound coin for an additional week.