Three cheers for the Allstarz girls!

Members of the successful All Saints Allstarz cheerleading team.
Members of the successful All Saints Allstarz cheerleading team.

A team of talented and enthusiastic girls from the Mansfield area are at the forefront of a surge in popularity in the activity of cheerleading.

No longer is cheerleading just a way of motivating your favourite sports team. It now takes the form of competitions, with routines including tumbling, dance, jumps and stunts, as well as cheers.

And the All Saints Allstarz team, based in Mansfield, are among the best in the country at it, if their success at a flagship event is anything to go by.

At the Cheer City Nationals, held at the Morningside Arena in Leicester, the Allstarz entered 11 divisions and returned home with trophies from all of them.

“It was the final competition of our season, and we went out with a bang,” said the team’s secretary Rosee Colclough.

“A lot of hours and sweat were put in by the head coaches, Tia Grant and Mariah Bartley, and by the choreography coach, Lisa Butcher, to get the girls where they are today. “This was a massive accomplishment for all involved, and we couldn’t be prouder of the girls.”

Allstarz, who are based at the All Saints Academy on Broomhill Lane, celebrated wins in four categories -- tiny solo, mini duo, youth duo and youth hip-hop solo. They were achieved by Halle Roberts, Katie Jackson and Milly Doherty, Libby and Tilly Orton, and Michelle Klimekova.

Second places were achieved in the mini solo, youth cheer team (Explosion), junior lyrical/contemporary dance solo and youth cheer team (fusion) divisions, while thirds were earned in the youth stunt team (Galaxy) and youth stunt team (Infinity) sections.

As well as the four winners, the team comprised: Nikola Cernavska, Kayleigh Colclough, Emily Severn, Ruby Dowdall, Leah Walker, Indianah Davidson, Jess Parry, Laila Roberts, Kyla McKenna, Tia Gregory, Jessina Asher, Kali Butcher, Krystal Harwood, Charmaine Gordon-Sims, Courtney Smith, Ruby Nussey and Caitlin Shaw.

The cheerleaders are now looking forward to next season when they will come under a new name, Destiny Cheer. They will be holding tryout sessions on Sunday, July 15 at 2.30 pm.